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03XX numbers are phone number ranges in the UK that make it more cost effective for people to call companies. They replaced the likes of 0845, 0870 and 0844 numbers a few years ago and have become one of the leading set of number ranges.

There are many different types of 03 number ranges but all provide the same basic principles. They are all charged at the same price as calling a real UK landline and are often included in mobile phone bundles (please check with the provider 1st). Here is a list of the available 03 phone number ranges that we offer:-

  • 0300 Numbers - These numbers are restricted for the use of Charities and public sector organisations. We do have some numbers available but you must fit into these categories in order for us to provision the numbers.
  • 0330 Numbers - These numbers are available for anyone and when people call the number they are classed as a landline cost to call.
  • 0333 Numbers - Probably the most popular 03 number range in the UK. Companies like this range due to the triple 3's. 
  • 0345 Numbers - These are a direct replacement to 0845 numbers and can only be supplied if you already have or own the 0845 number. If you don't have the 0845 number you may find it difficult to get the 0345.
  • 0370 Numbers  - As above. These 03 numbers are a direct replacement to the 0870 numbers. Again, you can get the 0370 automatically if you already have the 0870. 

Here are the benefits of using 03 Numbers in your business:-

  1. They are well known as being cost effective to call so your customers will not mind dialling them.
  2. They can have complex routing plans built behind them for things like disaster recovery and time of day routing.
  3. They can be forwarded to any fixed or mobile phone anywhere in the world making you look like you are in the UK.
  4. The minimum term is just 1 month so you don't have to sign any long term contracts. 
  5. Calling 03 numbers from mobiles is usually part of the mobile minutes bundles. 

Please note that we are only able to supply 03 phone numbers to companies. Pease only order a number if you are a business. Remember 0300 numbers are for charities or public sector organisations ONLY. 
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