Technologent | Global Telecommunications
Case Study


Technologent is a California-headquartered information technology organisation providing solutions and services to a wide variety of businesses.

They have been a loyal customer of Global Telecommunications for several years, and we are their preferred supplier for international toll-free number services.

The first product they bought from us was a UIFN global one-number solution. As part of our service, we walked Technologent through how to best implement this particular solution, which is especially beneficial as a UIFN solution has many pros and cons. At Global Telecommunications, we always explain any issues that can arise from using a UIFN number. Technologent then made the right choice to service their international clients.

Most recently, Technologent turned to us to create a port for an existing US toll-free number urgently needing reconnecting. We were able to turn this around for them in a few weeks to get them up and running, with thanks, once again, to the support of our dedicated customer service team, who are international toll-free number porting experts.

We are now auditing all their international call traffic to see if we can reduce their pence-per-minute call charges.

“The quick response and detailed communication with the Global Telecommunications team has enabled Technologent to continue to be nimble with crafting and delivering solutions to our clients. The partnership has filled a gap we have been experiencing in this area for quite some time,” says Dan Diniakos, VP Professional Service – West at Technologent. For more information on Technologent, visit