Phone Number Porting | Global Telecommunications

We often get asked “Can we port our existing phone numbers to you”?

The answer isn’t always yes as some numbers have restrictions or are in contract but its worth checking.

Why would you want to port your number?

Here are some reasons why we have ported numbers in from other providers:-

  1. Price – We try to beat existing prices and if its price that is an issue we will try to beat your existing rates.
    Fall out – Sometimes you can fall out with your existing provider. We don’t need to know the detail of the fall out but would be happy to accept you as a new customer.
  2. Financial Stability – We have ported numbers in from suppliers who are looking a little less stable. We have been around for 20 years and struggled with the Dot Com bust and 2008 financial crisis. We’re still standing!
  3. Intelligent Numbering – Our numbers can do clever things like follow the sun or record the calls. We have a huge kit bag of smart features to make your numbers work harder for your business.
  4. What ever your reason, we would be happy to look into your existing numbers to see if they can be ported to ourselves. Give us a try – you have nothing to lose.

To speak to us about porting your phone number please call us on one of the above numbers at the top of the site or submit your details using out contact form.