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What is Global Click 2 Call?

GlobalClick2Call is based on the WebRTC-protocol. All it needs is a device with a microphone, internet and a modern browser. No software or applications necessary. Via a click-to-call button on your website, a VoIP call is set up which uses the regular routing to your customer service agents.

GlobalClick2Call is a way of integrating customer service voice calls into the online customer journey. With a simple click of a button, customers can call you directly – no more having to dial a phone number.

Did you know customers are more likely to contact your company if you provide a ‘click-to-call’ button on your website? Try Global Click 2 Call for free today for your website, mobile app, email newsletter, QR-code and push notifications.

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Don’t You Hate It When You Lose Sight Of Online Visitors As Soon As They Pick Up The Phone To Call Customer Service?

This makes tracking your users and conversion a lot harder.

GlobalClick2Call revolutionizes voice channel interactions in the online journey. Customer service voice calls are seamlessly integrated in the online customer journey.

“Did you know that 88% of visitors are more likely to contact your company if you provide a “click-to-call” button on your website?”

Your online visitors no longer need to dial a phone number. They can call customer service directly from the browser with the click of a button. Afterwards you can redirect them to a special landing page to boost conversion and engagement.

“40% of online visitors are switching to Globalclick2call when offered the choice alongside a toll-free number.”


Benefits of Global Click 2 Call

Save money

If you already accept toll-free numbers but are looking for a way to reduce your monthly outgoings, Global Click 2 Call is the perfect solution. As the calls are routed through the internet, you won’t have to worry about surplus charges, ensuring a much lower bill.

Show customers you care

Having an easy-to-navigate customer service department shows customers you’re there for them. Whether they want to ask a question, make a suggestion or complete a purchase, they can do so with ease, which they’ll hugely appreciate – trust us

Boost conversion

You can create beautiful online journeys, but as soon as website visitors reach for the telephone, they are out of sight.

GlobalClick2Call makes voice calls part of the online customer journey. During wait time you can easily display special offers, a video, or a discount. And when the call ends, ask for feedback or redirect the caller to a personalized thank- you page, or special offer. This significantly increases conversion.

Easy to monitor

With your own portal, you can easily monitor all KPIs. Whether it’s the average number of calls, call end reasons or the average length of calls, you can view reports related to your customer surveys all in one place.

Integrated Feedback

25% of connected users leave an evaluation in the GlobalClick2Call application.

That is far higher than the average 3 – 15% of survey response rate via IVR, text message or email following a regular call. That’s because the survey becomes part of the online journey and is connected to the call. You simply ask the caller to fill out your survey after a successful call. This all happens in the same screen.

Easy Reporting

All standard reports are available in our online self-service Gearbox portal.

Relevant KPI’s are in place, such as the number of calls and the average call duration, as well as more advanced statistics, such as operating system, originating countries and call end reasons. And all data related to your customer surveys.

Top-Notch Security

The GlobalClick2Call application is secured and encrypted by industry standard protocols and cipher suites.

Fraudulent IP-addresses can be blacklisted to prevent further access. Calls are subject to our automated fraud detection algorithm. To use GlobalClick2Call, no extra software needs to be installed on the device.

Try Global Click 2 Call today with Gtele

Thanks to our clients GlobalClick2Call have now become the market leaders for International voice traffic.

“34% of consumers prefer telephone to digital channels because of the faster time to resolution and indispensible human touch.”

If Global Click 2 Call sounds like a service your business could benefit from, contact us today.

“25% of users leave an evaluation in the GlobalClick2Call application. That is far higher than the average 3 – 15% of survey response rate following a regular call.”

You can expand internationally, match your brand identity, and increase conversions, by calling us or enquiring via email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the best deals for you.

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Try Global Click 2 Call today with Gtele

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