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Our Work Ethic

While each team member has different, personal ambitions, the shared, common objective allows us to excel in every area and build on our ever growing success – meaning we now provide international services to over 144 countries worldwide. .

Managing Director Craig lives by the motto “if it doesn’t make the car go faster, we don’t explore it”. This strategy has led to a team that loves what they do. And, with this passionate, driving force behind us, we can supply quality services to a range of business types all over the world, to guarantee progression and credibility in their sector.

The cohesion we have as a team allows us to successfully navigate even the most challenging situations with ease and the confidence that our innovative techniques will stand above the rest and allows us to continue providing high-quality service

"Communicate Technology are IT, telecoms and cyber security specialists, keeping over 500 businesses and 50,000 users connected and secure across the UK. Global Telecommunications have worked with Communicate Technology to supply international numbers and migrate existing numbers to support a seamless and complete service to their clients. Global Telecommunications’ expert advice in regulatory and legislative issues has ensured that best practice is upheld for Communicate Technology, giving piece of mind that work is handled properly and lawfully. The assistance has bolstered Communicate Technology’s number service, allowing them to satisfy the needs of regulatory bodies whilst offering clients a slick international service."
Communicate TechnologySydney O'Connor,​ Marketing Executive
“We [Six Star Global] are happy to announce a new collaborative business partnership with Global Telecommunications LTD to help roll out Six Star: Voice to new and existing clients. We’re used to have to go to national-based companies separately, and often weren’t supported and had little interaction with these companies. With Global, we’ve been in communication every step of the way, able to discuss business strategy and thanks to Global being feature rich, there’s great potential for future business with them. We look forward to our collaboration going forward with Global Telecommunications.”
Six Star GlobalRory Girven
“The quick response and detailed communication with the Global Telecommunications team has enabled Technologent to continue to be nimble with crafting and delivering solutions to our clients. The partnership has filled a gap we have been experiencing in this area for quite some time"
TechnologentDan Diniakos, VP Professional Service
"If we didn’t have our loyal clients, Paramount Digital wouldn’t be where it is today. So, in return, we like to make things as easy as possible for them. Using Click2Call means we can boost conversions and engagement quickly and easily, allowing us to build trusting and lasting relationships. We didn’t realise how much of a help this service would be until we made the switch - but it’s brought down out inbound voice bills massively, without compromising on security. The team at Gtele are always on hand to answer any questions too - both during the set-up process and even now if we have any concerns. If you’re a company looking into Click2Call, we recommend you make the investment and watch your company grow"
Paramount DigitalAlex Illidge

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For more information on how Gtele.com are different to other international service providers, get in touch today. Call us on 0207 3055 999 (UK), or 1800 428 007 (AUZ) to chat with our friendly team. Alternatively, you can send your questions to sales@gtele.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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