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Testing Your Phone Number & IVR


  • Trusted partner – Some of the world’s largest brands benefit from the Gtele service globally
  • Replace 2 Vendors with 1 – In a single test customers can validate both number reachability and message intent all through their local contact center / IVR.
  • Local Capability Fixed and GSM – Thanks to both the local in-country presence of fixed and GSM testing in over 85 countries, customers can replicate the local experience.

The Gtele solution services the needs of our clients in a number of different ways.

  • Zero integration or deployments –  Required within your contact centers
  • Non-Intrusive Audio Quality Testing –  Gtele is the only testing provider which can test audio quality non intrusively due to our own proprietary algorithm based on the audio we actually receive.
  • No False Flags – Thanks to our detailed triage process and multi carrier validation, we ensure only validated issues are raised to your team
  • Setup Globally within minutes –  Simple to deploy, ease of use all that is required are your global phone numbers
  • Local Automated Number and IVR testing –  (+85 countries, world’s largest coverage) with multiple providers (Fixed Line and Mobile) ensures you can accurately troubleshoot issues in real time (Not having to wait days for responses or only having one option to test across)
  • Outbound Testing – Gtele outbound testing is 100% non intrusive and tests specifically the isolated outbound call leg you are using only.
  • Testing your own live environment – This is critical so you can experience exactly what your customers are experiencing
  • Outbound Testing – Our outbound testing is 100% non intrusive and tests specifically the isolated outbound call leg you are using only.
  • Full transcription and translation services – The solution automatically transcribes and translates 30+ languages across your full contact center services.
  • 24/7/365 Verified Failures – In the event of a failed test, we will identify the Runbook process and initiate the associated follow-up process (Test Loca DID / Raise specific alert
  • Reduce Cost – On average we save our global clients 20% from their monitoring cost and additionally provide greater visibility

Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Number Testing

How do you actually test the number?

We have a network of people who are based globally who we pay to complete the tests. These people are either carriers or telecom individuals who understand how number testing works.

Can I test a number as a one off or set up frequent tests?

Either. We can do a one off test for you or we can schedule tests on a weekly or monthly basis.

How do you report the tests back to us?

The test reports are sent back to you on a form with multiple levels of data. If you opt for our physical test by a human we will try to capture the quality of the call, dial tones or fault tones.

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