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What is SIP?

SIP is the process of transmitting voice calls over a SIP trunk or channel.

Available in 43 countries, SIP enables VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to define the call, while managing and supporting media distribution, including calls, video conferencing and instant messaging.

By centralising synchronised channels, you can connect to those in or outside of your company – even if their location and technical set-up are different to yours.

Benefits of SIP

The key benefit of SIP is that it provides a direct connection from private or local telephone systems to the public telephone network.

SIP is incredibly popular among businesses as it allows for integrated communication channels, no matter the sector or size of the company.

SIP is reliable, helps create a virtual presence, and ensures there will be no service disruptions through the phone line at any point.

Above all, SIP is a highly affordable service that guarantees results. With unlimited toll-free calling and no need for new and expensive hardware, you can avoid the maintenance costs you’re used to paying.

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