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Recording Your Calls

Call Recording can be used for many different reasons.

Most of our customers use this facility to listen back to calls for training purposes. Others record calls and store them as an insurance policy. The reason to record calls varies depending on your internal policy or industry.

Our call recording service allows your inbound calls to be recorded and stored online to you to review and playback. They can be recorded in full or on demand (you would have to press a button on the keypad when you want to start the recording) – recording in full is the most popular.

If you are interested in adding call recording to your phone number then please contact us for more information or click here to view our additional features page for costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Call Recording

Should you let your callers know that you are recording the call?

You don’t have to providing you are not going to share the recording with third party. If you are to share the call with another party you will need to get permission from the caller first. We recommend putting a message at the start of the call saying that calls will re recorded.

Do you have to let your employees know you are recording calls?

You should get consent from your employees that you can listen to the calls. If you don’t you may be breeching data protection laws.

How long should I store the call recording for?

Not an easy one to answer this. There are no documented guidelines but it really depends on your industry standards. There are no legal requirements that you should follow regarding the length of time you can store the recording

Can i use a call recording with a customer to prove what was agreed?

Yes, along as the call recording is only shared with the original customer and not a third party you can use the recording in this way.

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