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International Toll Free
Toll free numbers are phone numbers that are built in a specific country and are widely recognised as ‘free to call’ – allowing existing clients and prospects to reach your business at no cost. International toll free numbers combine the familiarity and credibility of toll-free business calling with the global reach of international phone numbers.

The way these numbers work is simple.

International toll free numbers are often used by companies as sales lines or support lines for their key customers in a particular country. Instead of the caller being charged, the recipient pays for the phone call – giving customers the incentive to get in touch and ask any questions or queries they have.

The bottom line is, customers don’t want to bother with confusing dialling codes or incur excessive international rates just to get through to your customer services department. And thanks to international toll free numbers they don’t need to!

Several forms of international toll free numbers exist and they each come with a plethora of smart features. However, one thing for sure, they all follow the same concept of forwarding a call to a specified location – determined by the owner of the toll free number.

Benefits of international toll free numbers

  • Having an international toll free number is a great way to improve customer relations and, more importantly, provide overseas clients with a convenient – yet inexpensive – means of reaching you.
  • As well as this, international toll free numbers allow you to expand your global reach and increase sales without having to worry about setting up offices in various countries. Never before has it been so easy to attract new clients.
  • Arguably, the best thing about having one of these numbers is that you own it and it remains yours to keep. They’re also portable so, if you’re relocating or planning to switch providers, you can take it with you wherever you go.

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