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What is WhatsApp?

When utilised for personal purposes, users can direct message individuals or groups of family members or friends, sending them a range of message types, including:

  • Typed messages and links
  • Multimedia (including, images, voice notes, videos, GIFs, emojis, and stickers)
  • Documents
  • Location and contact information
  • Polls

When used for business, brands can interact with customers in a more down-to-earth way, instantaneously – which appeals to its thousands of users.

It also has the benefit of appealing to a larger age range, with users ranging from 18-65+, according to Statista – allowing businesses to build on the familiarity of the app and reutilise it for their benefit.

Why use WhatsApp for Business?

Worldwide communication platforms like WhatsApp can vastly outperform traditional telephone communication because of a range of benefits, which include:

Maximising customer service capabilities

Customer service staff can quickly and easily switch between and manage multiple conversations at the same time, from the same platform.

This also reduces lost time switching from one format to another, allowing staff to efficiently resolve queries or answer questions without a loss of productivity.

Similarly, thanks to the popularity of WhatsApp, chances are your staff won’t need much training to use it comfortably.

Making customer interactions faster

Are you and your customers fed up with time-consuming interactions, like being put on hold or waiting to receive letters?

Thanks to its instant use, customers can receive answers to their queries in as little as a few minutes, rather than waiting on hold for 30 minutes plus.

This in turn also increases the chances that customers will contact you for information, allowing you to meet their needs – making it more likely they will contact and order from you again in the future.

Ensuring GDPR compliance

GDPR requires all consent to be freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous, and the easiest way to achieve this is with a compliant opt-in.

This way, every customer can agree to be contacted by you, and you’ll remain compliant with a record of their acceptance.

They can also remove their permission and block communication with your brand or company if they feel it is not relevant to them – another important aspect of GDPR legislation.

Measuring and improving communication engagement

Highly engaging, rich marketing campaigns can be personalised and sent to specific groups via WhatsApp business, while content creators measure impact and engagement in the background.

This allows you to tweak campaigns and adjust your messaging to find the most impactful version for particular groups of customers.

Increasing digital reach

By targeting multiple, specific customer groups at once, you can ensure continued engagement with current demographics while also expanding into new customer pools – increasing your reach.

Reducing conversion costs

Thanks to the low cost of £5 per month, your business or brand can quickly reduce conversion costs while also increasing the chance of successful conversion percentages – increasing profit and decreasing business costs.

Why use WhatsApp for Business?

WhatsApp For Mobile

To get a mobile number for WhatsApp Business, you will need to have a mobile phone number that can receive SMS messages or phone calls.

If you don’t have this, we can provide you with a WhatsApp for Business mobile number. Once you have this here are the steps to follow to get your WhatsApp for Business up and running:

G Tele Communications

1. Download and install the WhatsApp Business app on your mobile phone.

2. Open the app and follow the instructions to set up your business profile.

3. When prompted, enter the mobile phone number that we have provided to you and verify it using the SMS or phone call verification process.

4. Once your phone number is verified, you can start using WhatsApp Business to communicate with your customers.

Order Your WhatsApp Mobile Number today!

It’s important to note that you can’t use a landline or toll-free number for WhatsApp Business – the number must be a mobile phone number that can receive SMS messages or phone calls and must not already be in use with a WhatsApp account.

Ordering a WhatsApp mobile number with us is easy, costs only £5 a month, and includes no long-term contracts. Just let us know if you want to cancel and we will close the number down for you.

It’s that simple – so what are you waiting for?