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Italy Toll Free Numbers

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Italy toll free numbers are business phone lines that allow callers (in Italy) to reach your company directly. They start with 800 and are followed by six digits.

These numbers are widely recognised as free to call. Instead of the caller being charged for the connection – the owner of the toll free number incurs all costs.

Calls received from mobiles will be charged at a higher rate. This is what’s known as ‘mobile access surcharge’ and cannot be avoided. However, we can block calls from mobile numbers, if required.

The fact that customers in Italy won’t be charged international rates when they dial toll free numbers gives them the incentive to contact your customer service department for expert advice and sales support.

Italy International Toll Free Numbers - G Tele

Benefits of Italy toll free numbers:

  • establish a local presence
  • increase collaborations
  • boost sales – customers are more likely to call if it’s free
  • remain contactable for existing customers
  • attract new clients in Italy

Toll free numbers in Italy are portable, meaning you can take calls from anywhere in the world without having to set up an office overseas. Our toll free numbers are portable so, if you’re relocating, you can take your number with you.

As stock is readily available, numbers can be set up quickly. However, we only provide toll free numbers in Italy for companies. So, if you cannot prove that you are a business, please don’t order one.

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We will need your company details and a number, either a mobile or VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), to forward the toll free calls to. Once we know this, we can then allocate you a toll free number which you can advertise and incorporate into your marketing and promotional campaigns.

If you have any questions about Italy toll free numbers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team has unrivalled knowledge of this subject and will be more than happy to share their expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Italy Toll Free Numbers

How can a toll free number in Italy benefit my business?

Toll free numbers can have an impact on your company’s brand image and the way you handle customer service. Most of our customers purchase a toll free number in Italy to support their existing clients and to increase global collaborations and boost sales. Calls to such numbers are billed to your company, rather than the caller, which encourages them to reach out to your business. Having a toll free number for customers to dial – and get their questions answered – makes your business look good and improves customer satisfaction. What’s more, toll free numbers in Italy start with 800. They don’t have an area code that connects to a town, city or country – giving your business a national presence. These numbers are not just great for big corporations. They can benefit businesses of all sizes – especially start-ups that are wanting to gain credibility.

If you value your customer relationships, then you should get an Italy toll free number for your business.

How long does it take to set up a toll free number in Italy?

The good news is it doesn’t take long to set up a toll free number in Italy, and we have an extensive range to choose from, here at G-Tele. When you purchase one online, we can set up and activate your number (free of charge) within just a few hours. All you need to do is click ‘order now’, add a number to your cart and proceed to the checkout. Once payment has been finalised, our team will get your business phone line up and running in no time.

Are Italy toll free numbers free to call internationally?

This is something we get asked a lot, here at G-Tele, and the simple answer is no. Toll free numbers are country-specific and each has its own dialling format and restrictions. Although Italy toll free numbers are a brilliant way to extend your business without having to open up an office and employ additional staff in Italy, they are only free to callers in that country. It’s worth noting that, usually, customers won’t be able to dial an Italy toll free number from elsewhere. If they do manage to get through, they will be charged for the call.

If you’re looking for a toll free number that is free to call internationally, we suggest you take a look at our page dedicated to universal toll free numbers as these can be dialled from anywhere in the world (almost anywhere).

Please note that toll free numbers in Italy can only be provisioned for companies. Please do not order a number if you can not prove that your are from a business.