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Exeter Virtual City Phone numbers

Do your business phones sit quietly, just taking up space on the desk?

Opting to implement a virtual city 01392 number is the simplest way to improve the service you offer to customers and increase engagement – something that can attract new customer pools too!

01392-phone numbers in Exeter work by forwarding calls from a chosen local business number to your existing business number, be that in nearby Tiverton, or as far afield as Perth, Australia.

This removes any extra charge related to calling a non-local number for your customers and increases the chance they will reach out to you.

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Can an Exeter virtual city number help you?

Virtual city numbers can be the missing arrow in your bow for increasing customer engagement, thanks to their myriad benefits and increased output and minimal associated cost. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. Keep customer contact affordable

A local 01392 number is one of the most affordable communication solutions on the market – for both business owners and customers – and boosts engagement without financial outlay.

  • Local rate calls can even be free within minute bundles, depending on the mobile provider

Having a low or no-cost phone number removes barriers to connection and makes customers much more likely to reach out – whether they need help, advice, or even to pass on feedback.

  • First-time customers can be converted to returning customers

Repeat customers are important for businesses of all sizes and if you can meet their needs appropriately, customers will return time and time again.

  • Local numbers are less likely to be scams

While not infallible, it is much less likely that calls from a local 01392 phone number will be a scam – it’s never a good idea to try and trick your neighbours!

For this reason, outbound calls from local numbers are also more likely to be answered, increasing the success of telephone-based marketing strategies!

  1. Keep hold of customers who prefer to call

For some businesses, there are now more ways than ever to communicate with customers, from webchat to email, social media to text – but not everyone can or wants to communicate in this way.

This can mean they feel ‘left behind’ by many high street businesses and have to seek alternative suppliers or businesses to fulfil their needs.

Ensuring you offer good quality telephone communication benefits all customers, but can have a significant impact on those:

  • Living with disabilities, such as sight loss or who may not be able to easily leave home
  • Who are not as tech-confident
  • Experiencing internet poverty – either because of increased costs, outdated connections, or both

Similarly, while other options for communicating exist, many still prefer to communicate over the phone – as many as 69% as found by marketing and sales experts HubSpot.

Hubspot found that phone support was over two times more popular than the next most popular medium of web chat.

An easy way to ensure your phone communication is as good as it can be – offer your customers a local 029 telephone number from GTele.

Why choose GTele to supply your virtual city 01392 numbers?

Effective telecommunication can be a real asset to businesses of any size and type, from artisanal butchers and global luxury fashion to local construction and SME service-based organisations alike.

GTele can provide your business with effective, dependable 01392 numbers to help with customer conversion and retention – without the scary price tag and fuss.

With connections to 500+ businesses, over 150 countries, and 7500 cities worldwide – you can trust us to provide reliable, legally compliant, low-cost 01392 phone numbers that support and help your business grow.

To discuss a contract, reach out today – you can call us, fill in our contact form or email us and we’ll get back to you to set up your new virtual city number as soon as we can.

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Fax to Email

Faxes can still be an important way to communicate. Save ink and paper by having your faxes sent to your email address.

Call Whisper

Call Whisper – tells you what the call is for before you answer the call.


Our Voicemail service allows you to record a personalised voicemail message and when the caller leave a voicemail we will email the recording to you.

Divert Calls When Busy

Don’t send callers to voicemail or make them call you back. Set up a divert on busy and forward your calls to someone who can answer it.

Time Based Routing

Have your calls routed to different locations depending on the time of the day.

Queue Calls

Queue callers on our network and play music to them while they wait for you.

Online Number Management

Online management allows you to control where your phone numbers are forwarded to immediately.

Record Calls

Record phone calls and have them sent via email or stored online.

Option Routing

Option Routing is also known as an Auto Attendant or IVR. It gives callers the option to press a number and be routed to a department.


Record personalised welcome greetings for your callers when they call you.

Professional Voice Over Recording

If your phone number has important messages played then you need to consider having the messages professionally recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 01392 phone numbers expensive?

A virtual city number for Exeter is one of the lowest-cost and easiest ways to expand your presence and build trust within your chosen marketplace.

Each 01392 number is subject to a nominal £5 monthly fee– giving you unbeatable telecommunication services for under £70 per annum.

When compared to alternative marketing and communication strategies, you could save thousands of pounds and more effectively boost your customer engagement in one fell swoop.

For more information about how an 01392 phone number could benefit you, you can call us on 0207 3055 999 or email us at sales@gtele.com and we’ll get back to you with further details.

Are there any additional services available for local virtual 01392 numbers?

As well as offering a series of specialist international numbers and calling solutions, GTele also offers each customer a variety of value-added extras.

These additional services provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with the telecommunication capabilities you would expect from a call centre or office, without the stress of training and monitoring a new team.

These include:

  • Queue callers
  • Personalised welcome greetings
  • Professional voice-overs
  • Time-based or option routing
  • Call recording

For more information about what we can offer you, or for a quote including your virtual city 01392 phone number and any value-added extras you need, give us a call on 0207 3055 999 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Is an 01392 number effective from cities anywhere?

Local 01392 numbers work best when used in Exeter itself and although they will work elsewhere, they are unlikely to be a good way to improve business.

This is because a virtual city number works by providing customers with a recognisable local number containing a familiar area code that is then forwarded to a main business number when called.

As each geographical zone has its own associated area code, the Exeter 01392 number area code would not be considered local – making it less familiar, more suspicious, and therefore, unlikely to be an effective strategy for your business.

If you are looking to target alternative areas, GTele can generate a local number for any number of alternative cities or countries – even combining these multiple numbers and value-added extras onto one easy-to-understand contract.

To find out more about our local area numbers, explore our terms and conditions or request a call-back for an 01392-phone number using the form at the bottom of your screen.

Can I create a bespoke business greeting?

When you take out a contract with GTele, you can also choose from a range of supplementary value-added extras, including business greetings.

Not only are these welcoming and personable, but personalised business greetings are also ideal for:

  • Clarifying the service or goods you offer – especially important if your business name is similar to another or doesn’t say what it is you offer
  • Offer instructions on opening hours or alternative contact methods
  • Advise customers on how to access alternative departments
  • Give customers access to feedback forms and questionnaires

For more information about how virtual local 01392 numbers and bespoke business greetings can help your business, give us a call on 0207 3055 999 and we’ll help where we can.