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Purchase a Birmingham 0121 Phone Number

Make your business look local in Birmingham by purchasing an 0121 phone number. We are able to forward the 0121 phone number to your existing landline, mobile, SIP,  Microsoft Teams or any international location.

As soon as we have set up your company on our systems we will allocate you with your new 0121 number. The number format will be as follows: 0121 XXX XXXX. Once the 0121 number is allocated you are free to start advertising and telling your customers about your new number. We are able to manage where your 0121 number forwards to and can make changes at any time.

A virtual city 0121 number is the easiest way to meet the needs of, and increase engagement with, your customers – all of which can boost your sales beyond recognition.

An 0121 phone number works by forwarding calls from a chosen local business number (in Birmingham) to your existing business number, no matter where that is.

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Can a Birmingham virtual city number help you?

Virtual city numbers can be an essential tool for increasing customer engagement, thanks to their myriad of benefits with minimal cost and output. These benefits include:

  1. Test possible expansion areas without the financial outlay

Business expansion can carry exponential rewards, but these rewards cannot be sought without considering and limiting the risks.

What if GTele could help you reduce these risks?

A virtual city 0121 number allows you to place minor investments in potential expansion locations to test them before fully investing in premises, staffing, or stock.

For as little as £5 a month, with a one-off £5 set-up fee, you can introduce customers in a new area to your brand, provide stellar customer service, and see how your sales rise.

Benefitting your wider business without the uncertainty.

  1. Phone communication is approachable and affordable

While reaching out by phone may be the most efficient method to get information from businesses and retailers, it isn’t always the simplest for customers.

A virtual city 0121 phone number, however, benefits your customers in many ways, including:

  • Local numbers are always lower cost or free

As they are close to your preferred customer pool, the cost of connecting a local call is generally much cheaper than national numbers – and can even be free within minute bundles, depending on their provider.

This makes customers much more likely to reach out if they need help or advice, or even to thank you for your excellent service!

  • Local numbers are less likely to be a scam

Just as the fear of cost is removed with a local number, a local 0121 number is also much less likely to be used as part of a scam – making customers more inclined to answer outbound calls from numbers with local area codes.

All of which will easily boost inbound and outbound communication with customers.

Why choose GTele to supply your virtual city 0121 numbers?

Effective telecommunication comes from experts who know what they are talking about.

Stemming from the culmination of 3 ambitious minds, 2 acquisitions, and 1 business, GTele has grown to become the world’s largest provider of toll-free numbers and alternative number provisioning services – despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

With connections to over 50 countries across the globe and all major UK cities across the country, plus decades of expertise, you can trust us to provide reliable and legally compliant 0121 phone numbers for your business.

To begin investing in the third-biggest city in the UK,  contact GTele today – you can call us, fill in our contact form or email us and we’ll get back to you to set up your new virtual city number.

Use our search functionality to instantly find the country you're looking for

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 0121 numbers expensive?

A virtual city number for Birmingham is a very economical way of expanding your presence and building trust within the marketplace and with your customers.

Each monthly fee and the initial set-up costs depend on the city and country in question – Birmingham (UK) is subject to a one-off £5 set-up fee and a reoccurring £5 monthly fee.

Compared to the costs of an untested office or shop in a new area, you could save thousands of pounds and more thoroughly test out a new area before deciding to expand – a relatively small investment that could pay for itself hundreds of times over.

Similarly, GTele can also combine your monthly contracts and value-added extras, cutting down on business admin.

For more information about how a 0121 phone number could help you, you can call us on 0207 3055 999 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you with no-obligation advice.

What else does GTele offer?

GTele also offers a variety of value-added services that will help your business function smoothly and bring better results for your customers – including:

  • Fax to email – save money by not buying a fax machine and divert them all to your email instead.
  • Queue callers – place callers in queues and play music while they wait.
  • Personalised welcome greetings – greet visitors or potential customers with pre-recorded messages.
  • Professional voice-over recording – perfect if you want to give customers access to important information.
  • Recorded voicemail services – record a personalised message and receive all voicemails to your email.
  • Call diversion – choose which number or numbers can take your calls when you are busy.
  • Call whisper – find out why people are calling before you answer.
  • Time-based routing – choose which numbers your calls will be diverted to depending on the time of day.
  • Online number management – control where numbers are forwarded to (ideal for use alongside CRM software).
  • Call recording – have recordings sent to your email or stored online, perfect for dispute resolution or training.
  • Option routing – successfully reroute calls based on the department they need to speak to.

For more information, or for a quote including your virtual city 0121 phone number and any value-added extras, give us a call on 0207 3055 999 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Does an 0121 number work from cities except for Birmingham?

To put it plainly, no.

A virtual city number works by providing customers with a local number and corresponding area code that is forwarded to a main business number. For this reason, it would be impossible to generate a local number for more than one city or country with the same area code.

To target more than one area, GTele can generate any number of local numbers for alternative cities or countries. We can even combine your packages and any value-added services into one contract, making it even easier to increase your customer base – with minimum fuss and straightforward monthly transactions.

To find out more about our contracts, explore our terms and conditions or request a call-back for an 0121 phone number using the form at the bottom of your screen.

Do you offer a call diversion service?

Call diversion can be extremely valuable for businesses, giving telecommunications staff a back-up option if they are out of the office on a meeting or already on a call.

Fully customisable using our simple online dashboard, you can choose where calls will be sent if the primary phone is engaged, meaning they can always be answered promptly by a member of staff.

When combined with time-based routing, you will also be able to provide customers with someone to speak to no matter the time of day – even after business hours.

This ease of contact will be appreciated by your customers – a factor that may well see them returning time and time again.

For more information about how call diversions and time-based routing can help your business, give us a call on 0207 3055 999 and we’ll share our expertise with you.