In Country Phone Number Testing

Is your phone number working?

In Country Phone Number Testing

In Country Phone Number Testing

This service has been created mainly for international toll free numbers but works on any phone number. 

Most international toll free numbers are only dilatable from within the county it is built for. Here is an example of how it works:-

  1. You have a toll free number in Germany that you want to advertise but don't have an office or staff in this county. 
  2. Your toll free number in Germany can only be called from within Germany.
  3. Before you advertise the number you want to ensure that the number is fully working and live.
  4. We use a real human in Germany to call your toll free number from a landline and mobile phone and report back to you on the call success/failure.

This service can be used on the numbers we supply you or ones that we don't have any control over. This service is available in over 100 countries and must be ordered in advance. It can take 72 working hours to set up the live test in some countries. 

Please contact us for more information on our testing services.