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Become a Reseller of International Phone Numbers with Global Telecommunications Ltd

If you are already a reseller of telecommunications services and would like to add Toll Free Numbers or International local numbers to your portfolio then please read on. 

This niche segment of the telecoms market is often overlooked or avoided due to the complexity of currency fluctuations, multiple CDRs and language barriers. It is our aim at Global to simplify this for all our resellers. By becoming one of our resellers for international numbers we will:

  1. Provide you with numbers in 144 countries (Toll Free and Local Access)
  2. Manage all currency fluctuations 
  3. Advise on local regulatory issues in each country
  4. Provide CDRs for you in one format once a month
  5. Provide a portal for you to place and manage orders, report faults and make changes to numbers
  6. Train your staff on how to sell international numbers
  7. All this with no monthly minimum commitments 

If you already have a billing platform and are ready to join our reseller program please contact us. We will provide you with a simple reseller agreement and a CDR file format so that you can understand how to onward bill. 

If you don't have a billing platform and are interested in reselling international numbers then you can become a dealer of Gtel and earn a monthly commission for the life of the customer. 

We work with all the major carriers to provide the best possible service to our resellers. 2021 is our 21st year in business providing global and local customers with international phone numbers and our management team are well known in this sector as specialist. If you have any questions regarding international numbers, the regulations, how to bill or any other related topic, please call us. We will be happy to help. 

Frequently asked questions about reselling international phone numbers:-

Q1 - If I sell 10 numbers in 10 countries with you do I get 10 different CDRs?

A1 - No. You will receive one monthly CDR from us for all 144 countries that we provide. We receive the CDRs in from the multiple international carriers and convert them into one simple format. 

Q2 - Is there a minimum spend with you to become a reseller?

A2 - No. You can order one number or hundreds of numbers. We also don't ask you to commit to a spend or term on any of our agreements. Most numbers we provide come with a 30 day notice period from the local carriers so this is the minimum time when working with us. 

Q3 - What about currency changes? Im a UK reseller and want to be billed in pounds £ is this possible?

A3 - Yes. We receive CDRs and are billed in multiple currencies from our global carriers. We convert this into a UK GBP file so that we can invoice you in Pounds. We also have the ability to invoice our customers or resellers in USD or Euro. 

Q4 - I already have a base of international customers and would like to move them to you. Is this possible?

A4 - Yes. We are often asked this question. We have a posting specialist who will support you in moving your entire estate without any downtime. 

Q5 - How long does it take to set up as a Gtele reseller?

A5 - it depends on how long it takes you to sign the reseller agreement. It is a simple doc but the process usually only takes a few days. 

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