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Poland Toll Free Numbers

Purchase a Polish Toll Free Number and forward the calls to your existing location anywhere in the world.

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Poland Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers in Poland are slightly different to other countries in Europe. The number range starts 00800 and is followed by 7 digits. For example a toll free number in Poland would look this this when advertised:- 00800 XXXXXXX.

008 number is Poland are quick and easy to set up and can be forwarded to any phone number globally. Most customers use these numbers as either new sales lines or customer service numbers for their existing customers in Poland.

Polish toll free numbers can be called from both landline and mobile numbers within Poland and there is no additional cost when receiving a call from a mobile (which is common in other European countries).

Benefits of Toll Free Numbers in Poland

  • Numbers can be quick to set up
  • We can forward the calls to any location globally
  • The minimum term is just 1 month
  • Call costs are low
  • We can port existing numbers in to our platform

Frequently Asked Questions About Toll Free Numbers in Poland

Q1 - How long will it take to set up a toll free number in Poland?

A1 - The process is quick and can take between 48 hours and 5 days depending on stock.

Q2 - Can the number be called from any other country?

A2 - No. The number can only be called from within Poland.

Q3 - Can I forward the Poland toll free number to a mobile phone in the UK?

A3 - Yes. Our numbers can be forwarded to any location globally.

Q4 - Is there a limit to the number of concurrent calls I can taker on the number?

A4 - No. The toll free numbers in Poland are carrier grade and do not have a restriction to the number of calls received at the same time. 

If you have any further questions about this service please contact us or you can place an order online. 
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We are only able to provide Poland toll free numbers to registered companies. If you are an individual you will not be able to use this service.
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