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Toll Free To Teams

The last 12 months have seen the call centre environment change beyond recognition. 

We now have the ability to route your existing toll free numbers or a new toll free number to your staff on teams (it doesn’t have to be toll free we can route any incoming number to teams). 

Here is an example on how it works:

  • You have 20 staff globally who are all currently working from home. All workers have MS Teams.
  • 5 of your staff are french speaking, 5 a Spanish and 10 are English
  • We configure your French phone number to route simultaneously to your French speaking staff on Teams
  • We configure your Spanish phone numbers to your Spanish speaking staff who use Teams
  • All the english numbers route to the teams people who speak English

We can route the calls into teams and allow the fastest person to answer or create a round robin. 

If all staff are busy we can queue the call until an agent becomes available or have the calls goto a voicemail.

We can record the call that comes in and email you a copy of the call. 

If you are interested in routing your inbound calls to teams please feel free to contact us on any of the numbers at the top of the site or click enquire now to send us a message.