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Making your business look good

How do you make your business look good?

An amazing logo – Yes! 

A short and catchy domain name – useful but not that important! 

A company name that explains what you do – it helps!

A memorable phone number – Absolutely! (should be number one on the list!!!)

Having a memorable phone number for your business will make your business look good on many different levels. For example let’s say you have a TV or radio advert booked which lasts for 10 seconds. How are your customers going to remember your contact number if its 0500 4084631? The number advertised needs to be memorable. Memorable phone numbers also give your business a perception of quality. Memorable numbers aren’t cheap and your customers will know that. If you have a memorable number your customer or potential customers will know that you invest in your business. 

What makes a phone number memorable?

If you are in the USA then an alpha dial number helps. This is where your number spells out a word which is generally your business name. These have become less attractive over the years and don’t work in Europe that well. In our opinion a memorable number is a phone number with the same digits in. Here are some examples of number we have in stock and are currently selling:-

0345 149 9999

0345 149 6000

0800 694 8888

0333 5555 234

0333 5555 365

0333 5555 247

When you are looking for a new memorable phone number for your business please brace yourself and get prepared for the costs. There aren’t many left and the same supply and demand cost rules apply. 

Interested in getting a memorable phone number for your business? Free free to have a browse on our site as there are some listed or call us to see if we have any hiding for a special occasion.