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DTMF issues on your Toll Free or Local Numbers?

We recently had a customer ask us about issues with DTMF on toll free numbers and local city phone numbers. This issue can be common in the new world if IP termination. The simple fix for this is to either use TDM routed toll free numbers/Local numbers or ensure your IP config is set up correctly. The beauty of our toll free numbers is that they are still configured using tier 1 carriers and mainly route across traditional connection methods meaning that the DTMF flow passes through to the end point. We can also obtain traditional fixed line numbers across most capital cities globally that route using traditional methods. It may cost a little more but it won’t have a negative impact on your IVR or complex call routing. If you are experiencing issues with DTMF on your international numbers please feel free to contact us for some friendly advise. 

For those NON telecoms people reading this here is a Key to the Telecoms Speak:-

  • DTMF = Dual Tone Multi Frequency – Basically when you press a number on your keypad during an IVR (explained next) a different frequency is transmitted depending on the key you press. The receiving end then picks up this frequency and a rule is followed depending on the IVR config. We could list the frequencies for you but through that would be a bit too techie!
  • IVR = Interactive Voice Response. This is the system that allows humans (you and me) to interact with systems using DTMF (Above). You have all used this in the past! If you have ever called a company and get the message “thank you for calling. You are very important to us. Please press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts and 3 for the cleaner!”
  • TDM = Time Division Multiplexing. Blimey this sounds complex! Not really. It’s a technology that has been around since 1870. Its a way of sending packets of data over a network in fixed lengths. It ensures that the data is sent in a correct order so that the receiving end receives it in the correct order. It ensures that a phone call doesn’t sound mumbled and jumbled. TDM is being replaced with IP termination where calls are broken up and sent either over the public or private internet.

If you would like any further telecoms ACRONYMS explained or are interested in our TDM toll free numbers then please get in touch ASAPYOLO!