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Philippines Toll Free Numbers

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Toll Free numbers in the Philippines are the same format as USA toll free numbers. They start 1800 and are followed by 8 digits.

The correct way to advertise a Philippines toll free number is as follows:- 1800 XXXX XXXX

There are 2 toll free numbers that you would need to purchase to get full coverage in the Philippines. One toll free number would cover the Globe network and another toll free number would cover the PLDT network. There is not one number that will work across all networks in The Philippines.

Calls from mobiles are not guaranteed to work with toll free numbers.

Pay phones may work but are not guaranteed.

Regulation details on Philippines Toll Free Numbers:-

  • A letter of intent is required to be completed by the end user.
  • The letter must be on company headed paper and detail what the number is being used for. Adding your address to this letter will assist the process.
  • Standard lead time for carriers to deliver a number is between immediate and 50 working days.

You must be a business in order to set ups a toll free number in the Philippines.

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