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Do you have clients in India?

India is one of our most popular originations and it is easy to understand why with GDP currently at 2.6 trillion dollars! India is now the 5th largest economy in the world (by nominal GDP) and is challenging the likes of USA, China, Japan and Germany.

It has well over 1.1 billion phone subscribers and the telecoms infrastructure across the country is mature. The telecoms industry supports more than 2 million jobs and accounts for 6.5% of India’s GDP. That’s why you should consider getting a toll free number here, if you haven’t already!

Having a toll free number in India is a great way to encourage customers to contact you and get answers to their questions directly.

The easier it is for them to get hold of you, the more likely they are to remain customers and recommend your services to others. And the best bit is India toll free numbers are widely recognised as being free to call!

Toll free numbers in India start with 000800 and are followed by 6 digits. They are long numbers but this is to allow for the volume of numbers that the market could potentially need.

Calls to India toll free numbers are free to callers (within the country) from mobiles and landlines – and all costs are incurred by the owner of the number.

Something that sets a toll free number in India apart from any other country is that calls are billed by the minute. For example, a call that lasts one minute and ten seconds is rounded up to two minutes.

These numbers are considered an invaluable tool for businesses and can help to attract potential customers. They are also great for maintaining relationships with existing clients – providing them with the peace of mind that they can contact you whenever they need to.

India International Toll Free Numbers - G Tele

Why G-Tele for toll free numbers in India?

As a leading provider of toll free numbers in India, we have specialised in international numbering for the past 20 years. And, over this time, we have helped many businesses – both small start-ups and multi-national companies – to boost global collaborations and sales. Why not let us help you to do the same?

When you order an India toll free number, we guarantee:

  • quick and simple set-up
  • no long-term commitments (just 30 days!)
  • calls to toll free numbers forwarded to any global location
  • portability – take your number with you, wherever you go

If you have any further questions about toll free numbers in India, get in touch via our handy contact form or email, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

If you are interested in purchasing a toll free number in India please feel free to order online or contact us for more information. Unfortunately we are unable to supply toll free numbers in India to residential users (you must be a company to place a successful order).

Frequently Asked Questions About India Toll Free Numbers

Are toll free numbers in India free to call from anywhere?

The short answer is no.

Toll free numbers are considered an essential part of any business’ communication strategy but they are country-specific. Each country has its own dialling format, coverage and restrictions.

Toll free numbers in India are a great way to extend your business without having to open up an office in India and employ additional staff.

However, India toll free numbers are only free to call from mobiles and landlines in that country. Please note that you might not be able to dial one of these numbers from abroad and, if you do get through, you may be charged the international rate.

If you’re after a number that is free to call internationally, the next best thing is a universal toll free number which can be dialled from several countries.

What are the benefits of India toll free numbers?

Arguably the biggest benefit of India toll free numbers is that they can be dialled (within India) at no charge to the person placing the call. These numbers allow callers to reach businesses out of the area without being charged a long-distance fee. But that’s not all.

Toll free numbers in India are indispensable to any company that wants to establish a nationwide presence. They can benefit businesses of all sizes and give customers in India the impression that you’re well-established in the country.

Another reason why you should order a toll free number in India is that if you’re moving – either to a new country or provider – your number is portable. You also have the flexibility to forward calls to any global landline, VoIP or mobile phone, meaning your customers can always contact you.

How do I order a toll free number in India?

Ordering a toll free number in India is straightforward.

All you need to do is click ‘order now’ and we’ll allocate you a toll free number at random. We charge £10 to set-up your number and aim to get it up and running in just a few hours.

If you have any questions about India toll free numbers or would like to discuss your business needs further, get in touch today.

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