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Want to increase your global footprint? What better way to do so than to order a Canada toll free number online at G-Tele?

Canada toll free numbers, sometimes referred to as 1800 numbers, are business phone lines that allow callers (in Canada) to reach your business directly. Instead of the person placing the call, the receiver incurs all costs.

Much like the USA toll free numbers, there are several number formats available in Canada. 800 toll free numbers were the original number range, however, as these became more and more popular, they started to run out which led to new releases, such as:






These are all toll free numbers in Canada and are widely recognised by Canadians as free to call.

Arguably the best thing about Canada toll free numbers is that they make it easier for your customers to contact you whilst giving your business a national presence and professional image.

What’s more, they allow you to deliver exceptional services. For example, if you’re a UK-based company, customers and prospects can call you from anywhere within Canada without incurring toll charges or being charged international rates. All calls to your toll free number in Canada can be routed anywhere in the world and to several devices.

Canada International Toll Free Numbers - G Tele

Why G-Tele for Canada toll free numbers?

Here at G-Tele, we have been providing toll free numbers in Canada for longer than we can remember. Over this time, we have helped many businesses (all over the world – not just in the UK) to increase global collaborations and boost sales. But that’s not all.

There are several ways you can benefit from ordering a Canada toll free number online, including:

– readily available stock

– quick and easy set-up (free of charge)

– customers can call for free from both landlines and mobiles across Canada

– numbers can be forwarded to any global location

– no lengthy contracts (minimum of one month)

The one downside is that we are only able to provide Canada toll free numbers to companies. So, if you’re not a business, please don’t order one.

If you’re ready to order a toll free number in Canada, simply click ‘order now’ and we’ll allocate you a random number. All our contracts are short-term, so there’s no need to worry about being tied into anything, and our prices start from just £5 a month.

Got a question about toll free numbers in Canada? Great! We’d love to hear from you. Either drop us an email at or fill in the online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you, with the answers you need, as quickly as we can. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to discuss your business needs over the phone with one of our experts, this too is no issue. Just give us a call on one of the telephone numbers at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Toll Free Numbers

What are toll free numbers in Canada?

Canada toll free numbers are telephone numbers that allow callers in Canada to reach your business directly. They can be dialled without any charge to the person placing the call. Great if existing customers have any questions about your products and services, or if they’re chasing an order they’ve placed, but just as useful for potential customers who wish to enquire.

Aside from this, Canada toll free numbers look professional and give your business credibility. It’s also easier to promote as you can choose a memorable number and incorporate it into all of your marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Toll free numbers in Canada, also known as 1800 numbers, are easy to distinguish from regular landline numbers. They start with specific codes (e.g. 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888).

How do Canada toll free numbers work?

The way a Canada toll free number works is simple.

When a caller dials a toll free number in Canada, the call is forwarded to a local telephone number (i.e. where you’re based) via a long-distance routing process – allowing customers to contact you from any corner of the world. Callers in Canada dial the number, free of charge and the owner of the number pays for the calls received.

Typically, you cannot make calls to toll free numbers outside of the country they are intended for. So, for example, if customers in Mexico wanted to call a Canada 1800 number, it won’t work. But, should they manage to get through, they will be charged international rates.

Is a toll free number in Canada right for my business?

Many business owners have heard of toll free numbers before but are unsure whether it’s something that their company could benefit from. Here we look at just a few of the reasons why you should consider getting a Canada toll free number for your business:

Professional appeal – toll free numbers are a brilliant marketing concept. They instantly symbolise that your business is well established and give credibility.

Widespread reach – Canada toll free numbers help to make your business more contactable to customers in Canada and, in turn, allow you to cater to a larger national market.

Distinct business number – for businesses that trade in Canada, having a Canada toll free number is ideal. It allows customers to call in confidence, knowing that they won’t be charged for the call, whilst recognising your business operates nationally.

A great way to find out whether a Canada toll free number is right for you is to get in touch with the team, here at G Tele. You can either email or call us on one of the phone numbers at the top of the page. Alternatively, if you’re ready to order a Canadian toll free number, click ‘order now’ and choose a suitable number from the list. We have a vast range to choose from and ensure quick set-up.

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