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New Zealand Virtual Mobile Phone Numbers

Do you want to improve customer loyalty and sales across Australasia?

A New Zealand virtual city number is a quick, simple, and inexpensive way of using telephone infrastructure to help grow your business.

Virtual city numbers forward call from a chosen local business number to your existing business number no matter where that may be – helping you build up a local presence and expand your customer base.

How can a New Zealand virtual city number help you increase your market position?

Virtual city numbers can help businesses of any type or size and type by boosting communication with customers. GTele can help you do this by:

  1. Pre-testing possible expansion areas

Business expansion always carries risks – that is unavoidable – but it also carries huge benefits, so is something that successful businesses inevitably consider.

But what if there was a way to reduce this risk?

A New Zealand virtual city number allows you to place minor investments in potential expansion locations to test them before fully investing in a new store or office location.

For as little as £35 a month, you can introduce new customers to your brand, provide customer service, and see how sales rise.

All without early investment in infrastructure or staffing.

  1. Developing an expert position in your industry

A New Zealand virtual city number makes your business accessible and approachable to local New Zealanders – helping you to create an expert position within the market.

So, whether you sell women’s luxury fashion or pet food, if your customer needs something specific or is in need of advice, they can use your local city number to call you and find a solution to their needs.

When combined with informational marketing and openness with customers – your expert position is established and developed.

When continued, you build trust in your customers and improve your brand authority – all of which contribute to increased sales.

Why choose GTele for your virtual city number?

Global telecom infrastructure can be the simple and inexpensive method you are searching for, across New Zealand.

With a monthly rental of just £10 and a one-off set-up cost of £12, a New Zealand virtual city number is possible for 20 towns and cities across New Zealand, including, but not limited to:

  • Auckland
  • Christchurch
  • Dunedin
  • Hamilton
  • Nelson
  • Tauranga
  • Wellington

Working with 500+ businesses in 150+ countries and 7,500+ cities, GTele has the expertise and services needed to help you continue to develop.

To find out how we can help you expand your business into Australasia, give us a call today or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to answer your queries.

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Value Added Services

Fax to Email

Faxes can still be an important way to communicate. Save ink and paper by having your faxes sent to your email address.

Call Whisper

Call Whisper – tells you what the call is for before you answer the call.


Our Voicemail service allows you to record a personalised voicemail message and when the caller leave a voicemail we will email the recording to you.

Divert Calls When Busy

Don’t send callers to voicemail or make them call you back. Set up a divert on busy and forward your calls to someone who can answer it.

Time Based Routing

Have your calls routed to different locations depending on the time of the day.

Queue Calls

Queue callers on our network and play music to them while they wait for you.

Online Number Management

Online management allows you to control where your phone numbers are forwarded to immediately.

Record Calls

Record phone calls and have them sent via email or stored online.

Option Routing

Option Routing is also known as an Auto Attendant or IVR. It gives callers the option to press a number and be routed to a department.


Record personalised welcome greetings for your callers when they call you.

Professional Voice Over Recording

If your phone number has important messages played then you need to consider having the messages professionally recorded.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Does GTele offer value-added services?

    Alongside quality call forwarding, GTele offers a variety of value-added services that you can add to your individual contracts to improve how your business runs. These include:

    • Call diversion – choose which number or numbers can take your calls when you are busy.
    • Call recording – have recordings sent to your email or stored online for dispute resolution or training purposes.
    • Call whisper – find out why people are calling before you answer.
    • Fax to email – save money on a fax machine and divert them all to your email instead.
    • Online number management – control where numbers are forwarded (ideal for use alongside CRM software).
    • Option routing – successfully reroute calls based on the department they need to speak to.
    • Personalised welcome greetings – greet visitors or potential customers with pre-recorded messages.
    • Professional voice-over recording – perfect if you want to give customers access to important information.
    • Queue callers – place callers in queues and play music while they wait.
    • Recorded voicemail services – record a personalised message and receive all voicemails to your email.
    • Time-based routing – choose which numbers your calls will be diverted to based on the time of day.

    For a quote that includes your New Zealand virtual city number and any number of value-added services, give us a call on 0207 3055 999 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Are virtual city numbers usable in other countries?

    The town or city you order a local city number for is only usable in that single location.

    Using it in another town or city makes the local area code unfamiliar and therefore, defeats the purpose.

    Instead, if you wish to target multiple areas in New Zealand, we can set up multiple virtual city numbers – which will have much more impact in their respective areas.

    With 20 towns and cities in NZ available, GTele can arrange the perfect combined or single contract for you, depending on your business needs.

    To get your virtual city number contract up and running, give us a call on 0207 3055 999.

    Are GTele services legally compliant?

    The good news about a New Zealand virtual city number is that it can be called by both landlines and mobile numbers.

    This allows businesses to cast their net wide, welcoming individual and business customers, younger and older customers, without any kind of limitation while also ensuring no customer is left without accessible, expert support.

    For the extra professional touch, consider adding a personalised welcome greeting from our value-added services, which can greet customers and provide them with pre-recorded information that could prove invaluable.

    To find out more about a virtual city number in New Zealand, send us an email with all of your questions or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

    What is the online number management service?

    If your business utilises a CRM (customer relationship management) system, your customer service staff will likely be populating key information about the caller during the call.

    The good news is GTele’s online number management service works excellently with major CRM suppliers and allows contact numbers to be forwarded to a specific location for safe-keeping – which is more than likely the chosen CRM.

    This means important customers can be tracked and recorded, ensuring they receive the best in customer service and continue to return.

    To find out more about how our services can connect to your CRM, give us a call on 0207 3055 999 and we can explain it all to you.