0239 Numbers - Portsmouth Virtual City Phone Numbers
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0239 Numbers - Portsmouth Virtual City Phone Numbers

Is your current telephone infrastructure annoying and off-putting for customers?

Looking for a low-cost but effective alternative?

A 0239 number from GTele is a quick, easy, and simple way to increase engagement with your current customers and reach out to different target demographics simultaneously.

The 0239 phone number works by forwarding calls from a chosen local business number (in Portsmouth) to your existing business number, so you can build a presence in Portsmouth before you invest in expensive infrastructure.

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Can a 0239 phone number help you?

Local area code numbers can be an easy and inexpensive tool for improving customer engagement, thanks to their multiple benefits, which include:

Trustworthy telephone communication for all customers

According to marketing giant HubSpot, 69% of their surveyed customers prefer to use phone support over any other medium versus other popular options, including webchat and email.

But thanks to the increase in scams and pricey phone bills, some customers are worried that calling will cost them dearly.

As such, a 0239 number allows customers to reach out by phone, safe in the knowledge that they will only be charged for a local rate number – which can even be free to dial on some call packages.

Making it a stress-free experience for everyone.

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Become a trusted source of information

If your business or service is highly technical, complex, or expensive, some customers will need more information from a trusted provider before they are ready to order.

In this instance, a 0239 phone number could be helpful, as it will allow your team to communicate openly and professionally while also giving your customers the information they need to make a no-obligation decision.

All of which increases trust in your brand and makes them more likely to buy from you in the future.

They may also be more likely to leave a glowing review for your marketing department and recommend you to others who need your services – increasing the likelihood of future sales!

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Why choose GTele to supply your 0239 numbers?

High-quality, reliable telecommunication is the minimum requirement for effective communication with customers and here at GTele we understand that.

As experts with two decades of experience in the industry, GTele is a proven leading number provisioning specialist, clocking more than 78 million inbound minutes across 17 million calls this year worldwide.

This experience and our understanding of telecommunication solutions mean we are uniquely qualified to help you achieve your business goals – without the need to invest lots of money into your service.

To find out more, you can call us, fill in our contact form or email us and we’ll get back to you to set you up your new 0239 number in just a few days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay via BACS for GTele services?

All GTele clients pay monthly for services in a 12-month contract that rolls over monthly if not closed after the first year is up.

This monthly payment groups any virtual city 0239 phone numbers with any value-added extras and is payable in all cost centres and currencies – including BACS and direct debits.

Our regular auditing process also means that you’ll never pay more than you should be, which gives our clients peace of mind.

For any more questions about our billing plans, explore our Terms & Conditions at your leisure or send us an email at sales@gtele.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I target certain nationalities with a 0239 phone number?

GTele offers a bespoke translation package that includes texts and voice notes as part of our value-added extras.

This was designed for businesses that cater specifically for non-English speakers or even work with organisations and charities involved with refugees and immigration.

This translation service focuses on understanding local subtleties and variations within language, which although small, can completely change the meaning of what is being said – something not often considered by auto-translate services that are available online.

For more information, or for a quote including your 0239 phone number and any other value-added extras you may need, give us a call at 0207 3055 999 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

What can I add to upgrade my 0239 number in Portsmouth?

GTele offer a range of value-added services which can be added to any of our telecommunication services.

These value-added extras include:

  • Recorded voicemail services
  • Call diversion
  • Fax to email
  • Call whisper
  • Time-based routing
  • Queue callers
  • Online number management
  • Record calls.
  • Option routing
  • Personalised welcome greetings
  • Professional voice-over recording

These value-added services help your business appear more professional, essential if you are a small or start-up, and give the benefits of a call centre without the expense or stress!

To get your 0239 phone number started, give us a call on 0207 3055 999 and we can talk you through the basics and start your contract.

Can I tweak the contract of my 0239 number?

When you contact GTele to express an interest in an 0239 phone number for Portsmouth, we will talk you through the process, including your contract.

At this stage, you can enquire about any changes and our team will let you know what is and isn’t possible.

All GTele contracts are 12 months in duration and can roll forwards monthly until cancelled – giving you complete control over your services.

To see if a 0239 phone number is the right option for you, browse our terms and conditions or send us an email and we’ll be in touch with no-obligation guidance.

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