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Germany Toll Free Numbers

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Germany toll free numbers

If you want to make your business look more established in Germany, a toll free number in Germany could be exactly what you need.

A Germany toll free number is a dedicated phone number that makes it possible for callers to reach your business. Germany toll free numbers always start with 0800 and are followed by a further 7 digits (e.g. 0800 XXX XXXX).

Such numbers are free to call from both landlines and mobiles within Germany as all costs are incurred by the receiver of the call.

However, the cost to receive a call from a mobile phone onto a toll free number in Germany is higher than that of calls from landlines. This is what’s called a mobile organisation surcharge and is well-known throughout Germany. It enables callers to ring your company for free whilst you pay for the privilege.

German 0800 numbers are arguably the most popular within our global portfolio – and, with good reason.

Unlike virtual local numbers in Berlin – where you would have to provide a proof of residence – the rules are more relaxed for toll free numbers in Germany and there is less regulatory paperwork to complete.

Benefits of Germany toll free numbers:

  • improve customer satisfaction
  • gain credibility and professionalism
  • make business marketing more impactful
  • portable – you can take your number with you if you’re relocating
  • no need to provide proof of residency
  • well-known as being free to call

The only downside of Germany toll free numbers is that you must be a business to order one.

Why G-Tele for Germany toll free numbers?

Here at G-Tele, we specialise in international numbering and have been providing toll free numbers in Germany to help companies (all over the world) to boost global collaborations, conversions and sales. So, why not let us help your business and order a toll free number in Germany today?

Here we look at just a few reasons why you should order a number online at G-Tele:

  • 20 years’ experience
  • prices start from just £20 a month
  • quick set-up
  • no lengthy contracts
  • numbers can be forwarded to any global location

There are, of course, many more reasons why you should consider ordering one of our toll free numbers in Germany. And our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail. Just give us a call on one of the numbers (at the top of this page) or email

Alternatively, if you’re ready to order a toll free number in Germany, click ‘order now’ and we’ll allocate you a random number. Although the set-up is £70, we aim to activate your number as soon as possible – meaning your customers can contact you sooner, rather than later!

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Frequently Asked Questions About German Toll Free Numbers

Why would my business choose to use a toll free number in Germany?

Most of our customers use this service to either support existing clients from within Germany or to attract new ones. Most companies, who operate in Germany and hold customer services at their core, provide Germany toll free numbers to their customer base. It's seen as vital in its levels of support.

If you value your customer relationships in Germany please think carefully about how your customers in this country can make contact with you.

Toll free numbers in Germany can make it easier for your customers to call you and get their questions answered. This, in turn, improves customer satisfaction.

Contrary to popular belief, German toll free numbers are not just great for big corporations. They are great for businesses of all sizes, particularly start-ups who wish to gain credibility and a global presence.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further, get in touch.

I see that you must have proof of residency for a local phone number in Germany. Do I need this for a toll free number?

You do NOT need to provide a proof of residency to get a toll free number in Germany but you will have to provide us with your certificate of incorporation to prove your business status to the local regulator in Germany. This is common practice now within Germany and avoids fraudulent use of toll free numbers in this country.

How long does it take to set up a toll free number in Germany?

We are no longer allowed to keep German toll free numbers in stock due to the certificate of incorporation that needs to be logged against each number. It can take up to 10 days to get a toll free number in Germany up and running. Most of this time is allocating the certificate against the number with the local regulator.

If I don't have a certificate of incorporation can I still buy a toll free number in Germany?

The simple answer to this is yes – but it comes with a severe warning.

A certificate of incorporation is a legal document that shows you’ve formed and registered your limited company. In one way, it’s like your business's birth certificate – showing the name of your company, it’s registered number and the date it was incorporated. As well as this, the certificate provides details about where your registered office is located.

If you set up a toll free number in Germany and don’t provide the certificate of incorporation, you run the risk of your number being cut off without notice.

Here at G-Tele, our Germany toll free numbers are only available to businesses and any individual orders will be rejected. We also don’t supply toll free numbers without the full documents as this could potentially put your business at risk.

If you have any more questions about this service please feel free to give us a call or contact us via our contact page. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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