Time Based Routing

Time Based Routing

Some customers like to have their calls routed to different locations depending on the day or time. With this service you can pre select where to route your calls to depending on the time of day. 

For Example:-

Between the hours of 9am to midday (Monday to Friday) you would like your calls routed to your main office. You then close for 45 minutes for lunch so calls between 12:01 and 12:45 can go straight to voicemail or your mobile. When you are all back in the office at 12:46 the calls can then automatically be routed back to your desk. Calls received on Saturday and Sunday could either goto voicemail and we email you the message or you can play a message with your opening times and ask the caller to call back.

The above is just a simple example of the service we can build for you. We have built some very complex "Follow the Sun" plans for our international customers who are open 24/7. Follow the sun routes calls to call centres all over the world such as London, New York, San Fran, Sydney, Hong Kong, India and then back to the UK - this service means you can operate 24 hours a day (provision you have the staff overseas to take the calls).

Contact us for more information on our time based routing option - it can be very simple or complex. Either way we will be happy to help.