Queue Calls

Queuing Calls

If you are receiving lots of calls or expect to receive lots of calls you can queue the callers on our network so that when your next agent becomes available the calls will be passed through. 

Call queuing is easy to set up and comes with a few options:-

  1. You can set the maximum number of callers you wish to queue at any one time
  2. You can play queuing music to your callers while the wait
  3. You can record intermittent messages to advise the callers that you are grateful they are holding or you will be with them soon
  4. You can advise them of their position within the queue
  5. You can advise them if they don't want to queue they can leave a voicemail - this voicemail will then be emailed to you to call the customer back

Our queuing facility is flexible and can be programmed to cover most scenarios. 

If you have any further questions about call queuing please feel free to contact us.

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