Divert Calls When Busy

Divert Calls When Busy

If you are on the phone talking to one of your important customers and another important customer calls you, what do you do? 

Send them to voicemail? No!

Make them call back later after getting an engaged tone? Not good enough!

You can set up a service called Divert When Busy on any number we provide you. This service is simple. When we forward one of our numbers to you and if you are already engaged on another call we will recognise this and forward the inbound call to another location. In fact we can select to send this call to multiple locations so that you can feel comfortable that the inbound call will be answered. The service is simple to set up and can be amended at any time. Its often referred to as an insurance policy so that you don't miss that next big deal.

Just add this service to your order and we will take you through the set up process when your number goes live.

Any questions? Please feel free to call us or contact us for more information.