Call Whisper

Call Whisper Service

Applying a call whisper to your number will allow you to know what the call is fore before you answer it. Here is how it works:-

  1. A recording is made of the call whisper. For example "this is a call on your france number"
  2. The recording is stored in our network and when someone calls you on the specific number the recording is played to you
  3. As the recording is being played to you, the caller hears ringing 
  4. Once the call whisper has been played the call is connected to you

The person calling the number doesn't hear the whisper on the line. Only the recipient will hear the recorded message.

Why do companies use Call Whisper?

Most companies use this service for the following reasons:-

  • To answer calls under a different brand
  • To answer calls for their business if they are at home (the whisper differentiates the call from home or business)
  • To answer calls in a particular language i.e "this is a call from France'

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